Ethiopia Chelelektu at Chinatown Coffee Co.

Roaster: Heart Coffee RoastersChelelektu
Retailer: Chinatown Coffee Co. (DC)
Beans: Ethiopia Chelelektu, Yirgacheffe
Roast: Medium-light
Brew Method: Pour-over

Wow. That was my thought after inhaling the aroma of this coffee. The scent was both citrusy and floral, and it was an exciting indication of what was to come. I wasn’t disappointed! The taste of these fully-washed beans bounced around my mouth after each sip. I had never tasted a coffee with such bold floral notes, and it was certainly very interesting and pleasing. Although the lavender flavor prevailed, the sides and tip of my tongue felt the lingering citrus flavor. There was a slight cacao taste in the background. Typical of the Yirgacheffe beans, this coffee was a blend of floral and fruity, in a most pleasing way.

Fun fact: Wet processed (or washed) coffee cherries have been soaked in water to soften and remove the fleshy material on the fruit. This type of processing produces a “clean cup” of brewed coffee, and it is common for Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. Wet processed coffee is usually higher in acidity and has a more floral flavor than dry-processed coffee.


Coffee Party


Espresso: small amount of nearly-boiling water is shot through finely ground coffee beans.
Americano: espresso (1 or 2 shots) and hot water.
Latte: espresso, and steamed milk with a bit of milk foam.
Cappuccino: espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk.
Latte Macchiato: espresso is poured over foamed milk, creating layers.
Mocha: espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk.
Cafe au Lait: french-pressed coffee with steamed milk.
Cafe con Leche: brewed coffee with scalded milk.

Firestone Walker Double Jack

Beer: Double JackFirestone Double Jack
Brewery: Firestone Walker Brewing Company
State of Origin: California
Style: American Double/Imperial IPA
ABV%: 9.50

Slightly bitter, well-balanced, and definitely delicious. The beer, as expected of an IPA, had a hoppy feel to it, with notes of pine and a citrusy aftertaste. Although fruity, it was also quite creamy and smooth.

As for appearance, the beer was hazy with a golden/amber hue and a lasting, rocky head.

From appearance to aroma to taste, this beer is great. We definitely recommend it!

Fun fact: The word “Imperial” is often used interchangeably with “Double” when referring to beer. These terms indicate that the beer is the stronger variation of the beer style; therefore, the American Double IPA is stronger than the American IPA.

Kenya Ndaroini Nyeri at The Coffee Bar DC

Roaster: Intelligentsia CoffeeThe Coffee Bar
Retailer: The Coffee Bar (DC)
Beans: Kenya Ndarioni Nyeri
Roast: Medium-light
Brew Method: Pour-over

After an initial taste of this coffee, we both noted the lighter-body. Most noticeable was the taste of a sweet, yet tart berry. As the coffee went down smoothly, it left a pleasant chocolate-y aftertaste. It’s a fairly complex coffee, but it was absolutely delicious. Smooth, sweet, tart, and chocolatey. What else could you want in a coffee? Both of us liked it quite a bit.

Coffee and beer, you’re in the clear

Lambic and saison, Sumatra and Timor…just what are these intriguing words and what do they have in common?

The first two are types of beer, while the latter two are regions known for their distinct varieties of coffee. You might think: what does beer have to do with coffee? Both drinks involve a complex production process that results in an amazingly large amount of liquid variety. Realizing that we knew very little about beer or coffee (knowing every Starbucks latte flavor does not count), my friend and I decided to learn about the art and science of their creation, and in turn, try to truly enjoy the experience of beer and coffee drinking.

This blog captures an ongoing journey across different coffee blends and beer brewing styles. We will be searching for and sampling different types of coffee, not only according to the type but also the particular roaster. We will be sampling different styles of beer, and noting their taste, appearance, and effect. We hope to not only document our experiences but also share them with you, in case you ever want to embark on a similar adventure.

So if you’ve always been (or are just starting to be) curious about the differences between beer styles and coffee varieties, I encourage you to join us on this tasty experience!

Coffee and Beer