Coffee and beer, you’re in the clear

Lambic and saison, Sumatra and Timor…just what are these intriguing words and what do they have in common?

The first two are types of beer, while the latter two are regions known for their distinct varieties of coffee. You might think: what does beer have to do with coffee? Both drinks involve a complex production process that results in an amazingly large amount of liquid variety. Realizing that we knew very little about beer or coffee (knowing every Starbucks latte flavor does not count), my friend and I decided to learn about the art and science of their creation, and in turn, try to truly enjoy the experience of beer and coffee drinking.

This blog captures an ongoing journey across different coffee blends and beer brewing styles. We will be searching for and sampling different types of coffee, not only according to the type but also the particular roaster. We will be sampling different styles of beer, and noting their taste, appearance, and effect. We hope to not only document our experiences but also share them with you, in case you ever want to embark on a similar adventure.

So if you’ve always been (or are just starting to be) curious about the differences between beer styles and coffee varieties, I encourage you to join us on this tasty experience!

Coffee and Beer


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