Yellow Reserve and La Ilusión at 29th Parallel

Roaster: PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.29th parallel Retailer: 29th Parallel Coffee & Tea (VA) Beans: Socorro Yellow Reserve, Guatemala
Roast: Light
Brew Method: Pour-over

The Yellow Reserve was a delightful and unique mix of butterscotch, raisin, brown sugar, and milk chocolate. While the beverage smelled slightly acidic, the taste was only slightly tangy, with a prevalent creaminess and taste of butterscotch that lingered in the back of the mouth.

Fun fact: These particular beans were grown in rich volcanic soils of the El Socorro farm.

Beans: La Ilusión, El Salvador
Roast: Light
Brew Method: Pour-over

This creamy coffee was light bodied, earthy, and sweet. It was complex, exhibiting many flavors including vanilla, caramel, raspberry, and lemon. The aroma contained hints of caramel and honey, and the coffee had a more pronounced acidity in comparison to the Guatemalan blend.

Fun fact: The La Ilusión farm is situated on the Santa Ana volcano.

A special note about 29th Parallel: this hidden coffee shop is truly worth the trek to Fairfax, VA. The owner is passionate about coffee, and makes sure each drink is prepared with the utmost care. All of the ingredients are direct trade/organic, and it shows. If you enjoy a truly good cup of coffee, then make sure to check out 29th Parallel.

store front



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