Stone Enjoy By 07.04.14

Beer: Enjoy By 07.04.14Enjoy By 07.04.14
Brewery: Stone Brewing Co.
State of Origin: California
Style: Imperial/Double IPA
ABV%: 9.40

It’s always fun rushing to the store (or stores, because it’s usually sold out) to grab one of these. We’ve so far had five different of Stone’s “Enjoy By” IPA’s, and it is always fun to compare the various hoppy tastes. This beer had a very citrusy aroma and flavor, and we came to the conclusion that it tasted much like an orange rind. It was sweet but bitter at the same time (gotta love the hops!)

The alcohol was evident, and it (along with the tangy taste) created a tingly feeling throughout the mouth. The liquid was clear and of a slightly amber, golden color, with a lighter, fizzy head. The beer was moderately carbonated, had a lighter body and was easy to sip (but not chug…all for the best!)

In comparison to some of the other Stone IPA’s, we thought that this one was just okay. Worth a try, but nothing spectacular.

Fun Fact: Fresh beer tastes best! Keep an eye on the bottling date and drink your beer while the flavors are still bright and existent.


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