Kunga Maitu at The Wydown

Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee IMG_3369
Retailer: The Wydown
Beans: Kunga Maitu Kenya
Brew Method: Pour over

This cup had a fruity and chocolatey aroma and a creamy mouthfeel. The coffee was very flavorful and complex, with both sweet and tart, cherry-like flavors bouncing off of the tongue. The acidity and complexity of the coffee made it a true, high-quality Kenyan roast.

Fun Fact: In the Kikuyu language, “Kunga” means brave and “Maitu” means mother. Kunga Maitu is a melody sung by Kenyan children when their mothers return from the farm or market.


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About Basia

I enjoy writing, drawing, and discovering. I love spring, kittens, tea, coffee, and country roads. I'm a former psychology student and I currently reside in DC.

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