Hunapu and Summer Solstice at Cafe Diem

Roaster: Madcap Coffee
Retailer: Cafe Diem DC
Beans: Hunapu Guatemala
Brew Method: Iced pour over (Japanese style)

Creamy and smooth, the Hunapu coffee had a chocolatey aroma with a hint of citrus. The flavors were subtle and not overpowering. It was a tasty, mellow-tasting addition to a sweet pastry.

Fun Fact: “Hunapu” means “mountain of flowers”, and the coffee is cultivated on volcanic soil in Guatemala.

Beans: SumIMG_6847mer Solstice blend
(Ethiopia Ardi and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe)
Brew Method: Iced pour over (Japanese style)

Madcap took two different kinds of tasty Ethopian beans and turned them into a deliciously complex and refreshing blend. Delightfully fruity and floral, with a hint of chocolate. The medium roast was citrusy and bright, but not sour: a wonderfully thirst quenching and enjoyable iced coffee.

About the retailer: Curious about Madcap Coffee, we decided to visit the Cafe Diem pop-up in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. The pop-up was cute and inviting, and the service was great. The barista was knowledgeable about the different beans being sold in the shop, as well as brewing styles, and was eager to share some interesting facts. Overall, the coffee was very tasty and the experience was pleasant. Hopefully they open up a permanent cafe nearby!



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