Beer Glasses

Were you ever curious about the various types of glassware used to serve beer? For the longest time, I thought that certain glasses were used simply to make the beer look more…fancy. Although that may be one of the resulting effects, it’s not the primary reason. It turns out, choosing the the type of glass you use can really make a difference when it comes to the tasting experience. The type of glass impacts the head development, and therefore aroma, of the beer, making the experience more unique and enjoyable. A specific type of glassware is recommended for various beer styles. Here are three that you have probably seen/used before:


This type of glass, usually used to serve brandy, is especially great for enjoying the aroma of a beverage. The wide bowl allows for swirling of the liquid, which awakens the volatiles and makes them more pronounced. Recommended for use with strong ales, such as Imperial IPA, Belgian Strong Dark Ale, Eisbock, Russian Imperial Stout, and Quadrupel.

A tall and tapered 12-ounce glass, the pilsner is perfect for displaying the color and clarity of a beer. It is also shaped in a way to maintain the head of the beer. Recommended for use with various lagers, such as pilsner, maibock, and American Amber Lager.

This glass is tulip-shaped, with a pushed out top that captures the head of the beer. This glass enhances volatiles, and promotes the formation of a large head. In other words, it allows for an overall pleasurable experience for the senses. Recommended for use with various aromatic ales, such as American Imperial IPA, American Wild Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, Lambic, Saison, and Scotch Ale.

So not only is the tasting experience affected by the aroma, mouthfeel, carbonation, temperature, etc….the glass too?! All the more research to do.



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