Beer: GrunionDSC_0701
Brewery: Ballast Point 
State of Origin: California
Style: Pale Ale
ABV%: 5.5%

Not a post about the fish, but about yet another delightful Ballast Point beer. In my opinion, it’s almost like the brewery can do no wrong. I’m not usually a fan of pale ales, but I was in the mood for something lighter and took a chance on Grunion. Bittersweet with a pleasant fruity (but not overbearing) taste reminiscent of clementines, the beer was pleasant to sip on and enjoy. Note: It tasted better straight from the can rather than a glass.

I always wondered why the Ballast Point beers are named for fish, so, I looked it up:

“…we named the beers after something many of us love almost as much as brewing—fishing. Today, many of the beers are named for fish or fishing terms, and the labels have fish on them as a reminder to always do what you love.” (Excerpt from:

Not a bad philosophy….



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