Coffee Roasters

Roasting the green coffee beans is an important part of the process that leads to the characteristic taste of a particular coffee. Roasting occurs after processing, and prior to brewing.

Roasting in a hot-air machine. Source: Kris Krug/Flickr.
Roasting in a hot-air machine. Source: Kris Krug/Flickr.

Equipment used for roasting may consist of a drum machine that tumbles the green beans in a heated area, or a hot-air machine which lifts the beans and heats them.

There are several degrees of roasting, and these can be differentiated by roast name. Generally, lighter roasts exhibit more of the characteristic flavor of the region where the beans were grown, whereas the flavor of darker roasts is greatly affected by the roasting process.

Here is a list of the different roasters from which we will be sampling coffee.

Top 11 Roasters in the Nation (according to these guys from Thrillist)

  1. Counter Culture Coffee Durham, NC

  2. Stumptown Portland, OR

  3. Madcap Coffee Grand Rapids, MI

  4. Intelligentsia Chicago, IL
    Supreme bean is Black Cat Espresso, Brazil, Costa Rica

  5. Heart Roasters Portland, OR

  6. PT’s Coffee Topeka, KS
    Elida Estate Natural, Panama

  7. Verve Coffee Roasters Santa Cruz, CA

  8. Four Barrel Coffee San Francisco, CA

  9. Dogwood Coffee Minneapolis, MN

  10. Klatch Coffee Upland, CA

  11. Handsome Coffee Roasters Los Angeles, CA
    San Vicente, Honduras

Local Roasters

  1. Beanetics Annandale, VA

    • Only independently-owned coffee roaster in Annandale, Virginia.
  2. Vigilante Washington, DC

  3. Zeke’s Washington, DC

    • Great little coffee shop hidden on Rhode Island Avenue in NE Washington DC.
  4. Ceremony Annapolis, MD

    • You can find these guys at many cafes and restaurants in Washington DC.
  5. Qualia Washington, DC

    • Small, but cute coffee shop in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington DC.

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