Pure Black & Tan at La Colombe

Roaster: La Colombe
Retailer: La Colombe
Brew Method: Half draft latte (cold pressed espresso), half cold brew

Latte on tap?! Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before, so, intrigued, I purchased the “black & tan” and was pleasantly surprised. The creamy frothiness of the latte and flavor and slight acidity of the cold brew mixed well together. It was a refreshing, caffeinated treat on a hot day. 0801171636a




Red & White Blend at Zeke’s Coffee DC

Roaster: Zeke’s Coffee DCCold Brew Zeke's Coffee
Retailer: Zeke’s Coffee DC
Beans: Red & White Blend (Natural/Fair Trade)
Roast: Darker than medium
Brew Method: Cold brew 

This cold brew was creamy, slightly nutty, and delicious. It was definitely enjoyable, hot day or not! The drink was balanced and, thanks to the darker roast, not overwhelmingly acidic–always a pleasant surprise when it comes to iced coffee. We’ve tasted a fair share of cold brewed coffee, and this one definitely stood out, mostly because of how creamy it came out to be.

Family-owned company Zeke’s was founded in Baltimore, MD. Lucky for us DC-dwellers, the small batch roastery opened in the Northeast quadrant of the district in 2013. The coffee is roasted and brewed with great care, and the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. We’ll definitely be going back here!

Fun fact: The organically grown beans are an homage to Washington, DC.

Zeke's Coffee