Pure Black & Tan at La Colombe

Roaster: La Colombe
Retailer: La Colombe
Brew Method: Half draft latte (cold pressed espresso), half cold brew

Latte on tap?! Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before, so, intrigued, I purchased the “black & tan” and was pleasantly surprised. The creamy frothiness of the latte and flavor and slight acidity of the cold brew mixed well together. It was a refreshing, caffeinated treat on a hot day. 0801171636a




Coffee Party


Espresso: small amount of nearly-boiling water is shot through finely ground coffee beans.
Americano: espresso (1 or 2 shots) and hot water.
Latte: espresso, and steamed milk with a bit of milk foam.
Cappuccino: espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk.
Latte Macchiato: espresso is poured over foamed milk, creating layers.
Mocha: espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk.
Cafe au Lait: french-pressed coffee with steamed milk.
Cafe con Leche: brewed coffee with scalded milk.